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GRTC Bus Tracker

Your official source for up-to-the-minute arrival info.

What is this?

GRTC Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to our computers. Then you can see, in real time, where buses are on a map and estimate when they will arrive at your stop.

What is a Bus Stop #?

A Bus Stop # is a unique number associated with each GRTC bus stop.
You can use each unique Bus Stop # to easily access the Bus Times and Track By Text features above.

How do you locate each unique Bus Stop # to easily track your bus?

There are two ways to find your Bus Stop #.

You can locate your Bus Stop # by using the Bus Map feature above.
Once you choose your route and magnify the map, you will notice each bus stop is shown as a black dot on the map.
If you mouse over the black dot that represents the bus stop where you will be catching your bus, you will notice a box will pop up and the Bus Stop # will be located on the top left in bold.

You can also locate the unique Bus Stop # on each of our GRTC bus stop signs. It is located on the bottom right on the front of the sign.If you have trouble locating the Bus Stop # on a sign or to report a missing Bus Stop # on a sign, please call our Customer Service Center at 804-358-4782.

A note about delays and reroutes

If a bus goes off its regular route, our system will no longer be able to predict accurate arrival times. It will not be able to automatically predict when it will return to normal service and it may not be able to show the bus on our map. Please check for service alerts.

If a bus cannot move for several minutes due to an unusual event (such as being stopped by at a railroad crossing), arrival estimates will change from counting down minutes to a "DELAYED" status notification. When the bus resumes moving, arrival estimates will appear again. In the case a bus stops sending data to our computers, it will not appear on this web site even though it is in service.

Questions or Comments?

We welcome your comments regarding Bus Tracker. Please e-mail us at

You may also contact GRTC Customer Service at 804-358-4782


Use Bus Tracker in the following languages:

  • English
  • Español
  • Português